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I make use of the Clearasil as disinfecting cleaning soap to give the Scholls scrub (which feels like an astringent by itself) just a little lubrication and dilution.

reply to remark → Robert January 20, 2006 at 10:forty three am I too am sufferring from a little brush with poison oak. I only experienced a little patch on a person arm, so I just washed with soap and water. Immediately after 8 days, it was getting even worse and spreading. I discovered This page, and decided to try Tecnu Severe. I selected this product or service as a result of cost and my previous superior experiences with Tecnu (typical) to eliminate oils after publicity. Tecnu Extreme was $15, significantly less $two with their website coupon. It promises to remove the poison oils, heal itching, and velocity healing.

My dilemma is do Other folks get JUST swollen eye lids? A number of people right here Assume I am having it from individuals burning brush close to homes — and really these eye bouts do appear to arrive spring/tumble — usual periods to burn up off shrub.

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reply to comment → Ben August 15, 2007 at 12:23 pm CVS now provides its possess version of Zanfel. It’s named Poison-Ivy Scrub. I checked the elements and they all precisely the same besides Triethanolamine, which the CVS brand doesnt have. Just after study Triethanolamine is usually a detergent used in a lot of OTC counter goods so undecided that one ingredient on your own would make that massive of the change.

beneficial are extensive-performing antihistamines which include Benadryl or Allegra. My medical doctor prescribed 24-hour Allegra so I could rest

$40 is absolutely nothing in comparison to the amount I wind up purchasing prescription medicine. Would The author feel improved about having to pay $forty if he 1st had to pay for a health care provider to put in writing a prescription for these items?

reply to remark → Debbie W. June 29, 2005 at 5:forty pm Hi there to all my fellow poison “plant rash” sufferers. I've go through every one of the comments and home treatments and would want to provide my suggestions. As for myself, I've experienced 4 bouts of this bane from Hell, never ever actually recognizing which plant was the perpetrator, but I do know how maddening the extreme itching may be And the way horrid it could make you seem & really feel. Several of the residence cures I've examine Here i will discuss absolutely unsafe as your skin absorbs all Individuals chemical substances not meant for prolonged pores and skin Call like bleach, ammonia, goo absent, and many others. and could cause you to pretty sick now OR Sooner or later. Your liver must seek to detox these chemicals and I would advise not to use ANY of them for the rash. I have found that FELS NAPTHA LAUNDRY SOAP in bar form is Harmless and is great for getting rid of virtually any plant sap or oil from the skin right after exposure and should be utilized immediately after visit here any questionable Call. This has often labored for me assuming that I get it done Instantly just after publicity. Very last 12 months I had been so drained just after 7 straight hours of hedge trimming, I just washed up with frequent “antibacterial” liquid hand soap and I paid out the cost for my laziness–1 full month of intense itching torture & hideous oozing blisters. I did not sleep in excess of two hours an evening for three months with the itching. Hand towels soaked in ice drinking water were being the only things which brought some short term reduction. Up to now I've tried out calamine, calagel, benedryl, Iva-relaxation, cortisone, vinegar, tea bags, baking soda paste, aloe…none of such definitely worked effectively for itch relief. Keeping the area very chilly is finest if possible. Yesterday I was out inside the property & when I arrived inside I felt an itchy tingle on my wrist, and looked to discover that familiar “purple line” that you KNOW is the start of a rash from one of several massive three-poison oak, ivy, or sumac, and I understood I needed to react instantly.

if you realise you have got the rash coming, start off sleeping in long sleeved/legged pajamas. Even with Tecnu washing, I’ve found that I get mirror rashes the place impacted pores and skin touches other pores and skin (knee to knee or arm to belly) so full pajamas decreases chance of further spread.

Very Hot Compresses (as hot a as it is possible to bear without the need of scalding) employing a towel, clean cloth, or cotton sock and used with a little tension for thirty seconds into the rash and recurring five (five) periods. This fully relieved the itching for eight several hours, didn’t consider just as much time, or use just as much very hot drinking water as using a showerhead spray.

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How about Zanfel? I’ve found nothing conclusive, but a look at the product component descriptions for the Environmental Performing Group’s “Skin Deep” Internet site signifies motives for issue and cites scientific scientific studies to back them up.

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Whatsoever gain the Zanfel has in excess of my improvised GG mixture doesn’t seem to be so putting concerning justify costing greater than 20 occasions as much. Even though I’ve undergone the vast majority of Zanfel tube, I appear to have a life span provide of GG left in excess of, at 50 % the cost of the Zanfel.

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